About me:

As the wife of a pastor and full-time child care worker, people and time are valuable to me. Working in both of these areas are challenging but also rewarding. Helping people with their daily lives is one of my strongest passions. The church we pastor holds benefits, volunteers at food pantries, and helps the community in every way possible.

I am a former college graduate at Jefferson College and received my Associate of Arts Degree in 2011, and am currently enrolled at Missouri Baptist University in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and minor in Business Administration. In 2010 I earned a GPA of 4.0, being put on the Dean’s List. Math and working with numbers has always interested me.

 Working as a Revenue Accounting Analyst at United Van Lines broadened my knowledge in the Accounting department. As an analyst, I multi-tasked and was introduced to new computer systems that gave me additional experience with this type of work. I have gotten to work in this successful company while getting to learn how to work with other people.

 Education, learning, and being active in school are important aspects to me. While attending High School, I was in Acappella, swing, and Madrigal choir. We performed at nursing homes, and churches all throughout the year while also performing at Disney World every two years.



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