Executive summary of Coffee Shop Survey

I chose to do my survey about opening up a coffee shop in Desoto. I collected twenty three responses for my survey from Facebook. The results turned out to be very pleasing and helpful. The main age range who took my survey were 18-25, and 40-65. Out of the twenty four people, there are only four people who do not drink coffee. The participants that do drink coffee like either hot, cold, cappuccinos, or Frappuccino’s. I would have each of these available to make. This would not be an issue considering my coffee shop would have tea, soda products, and food available for purchase. Fourteen out of twenty three people would rather drink coffee at home, than go to their local coffee shop. If the shop had Wi-Fi internet, those who would rather drink coffee at home might change their minds with having this free option. Not one person was opposed to having a local coffee shop, and everyone who took the survey knows two or more people who drink coffee in their local area. According to the survey most of them would visit in the morning, so I would definitely have a drive thru available. I have heard several complaints from people I know who wish some coffee shops would have drive thrus, because it is such an inconvenience to those who are in a hurry to get to work. There was 80.95% of people who would purchase food with their coffee, and 28.57% who would like to see a coffee shop not only in Desoto, but also in the surrounding areas such as Festus, Hillsboro, and Crystal City. With these results I believe there is great potential to opening up a coffee shop in Desoto.


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